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Are You Having Marital Problems? 
Do You Want To Improve Your Marriage?

I will help you communicate better and reconnect. 

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Jeffrey Crouch- LCSW-C

I have 23 years of experience helping individuals and couples. I will help you feel safe talking about your feelings, thoughts and experiences. I have helped hundreds of couples communicate better and feel closer emotionally and physically. I have also helped clients overcome depression, anxiety to feel content, calm and more alive. 

What am I like as a therapist? Patients have told me that I help them feel comfortable and safe to explore their emotions and relationships. Similarly, couples find me impartial, involved and balanced. It's all about trust.

How will we work together? We will look at your patterns of communication and behaviors that are blocking you from feeling closer. We will also look at triggers (emotional reactions) to our spouses words and/or behaviors.

I will help you improve communications so each person feels understood and appreciated. It usually takes only a few sessions to see results in terms of improved communication and feeling closer.
Like many others, you may be considering seeing a therapist because you:
  • are going through the pain of an affair
  • have a lack of communication
  • are feeling depressed, anxious, or nervous
  • having problems concentrating or sleeping
  • have trust issues
  • have sex issues
  • have or suspect your spouse of having sex and porn addiction
  • are feeling lonely
  • lack emotional intimacy
  • have suffered a trauma
  • are sick of feeling "bad"
  • have self-esteem issues
Couples Therapy

It is my job and passion to help couples communicate better. I help them feel understood by their partner and feel closer. We will work on communication skills to strengthen your relationship. 

Individual Therapy for Children and Adults with Depression, Bi-Polar, Anxiety, ADHD and Substance Abuse

If you are feeling depressed and anxious on a weekly basis it is unacceptable. You deserve to feel content and at peace. There are many ways to beat depression and anxiety. Together we will find the best ways for you to heal and feel better. I will help you discover your own strengths. For more information please on visit my other site at

Premarital Counseling

Studies show that couples who learn proven relationship skills and improve their understanding of each other before marriage have happier, stronger marriages that last a lifetime. 

Couples Counseling After an Affair

If you are going through the pain of an affair we will work through the pain, discuss why it happened to prevent future problems and build trust.

Sexual Addiction/Porn Addiction

Do you wonder if you are watching too much porn?  Does your partner feel hurt or angry about you watching porn?  Have you made sexual contact with others on the internet or in person outside of your relationship?  If so, you may benefit from individual and/or couples counseling.

Senior Citizen Counseling

I enjoy providing therapy to senior citizens who are going through issues related to:
Medical problems
Mild dementia
Loss of loved ones
Adjusting to retirement

I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation and am happy to answer any questions you might have. 



"I was on the brink of a divorce 2 years ago and decided to book an appointment with Jeff Crouch as a last minute option. I can not tell you how happy I am that I did. After a couple of sessions my husband and I started to communicate better. I started to see what the real issues were and how to improve them. I highly recommend his services."
Anne S.
Ellicott City, Maryland

"Jeffrey Crouch helped us during our toughest times. I am happy to say that my relationship with my partner is so much better. This is not the first therapist we saw but it certainly is the last. He's very understanding and actually listens. Thank you."
John M. 
Columbia, Maryland

"It only took a few sessions to realize what was the real problem in my marriage. Mr.Crouch showed us the steps that we needed to take to start seeing eye to eye. He's honest, caring and most of all- empathetic."
Marco D.
Elkridge, Maryland

Jeffrey Crouch LCSW-C
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